I’m sorry – that was cruel. Here’s the recipe:

Sexy, lightning-fast Asian coleslaw

Shredded cabbage (I used the pre-shredded kind – so quick. And I measure the way my  Nonna used to: a small handful per lady, a big handful per man. Then I add two more big handfuls because I eat like a man-lady and cabbage is good for you.)

A blob of mayonnaise

A teaspoon or so of mirin (rice vinegar. Use apple cider if you don’t have mirin)

A tablespoon or so of sesame oil (for a while, I was using sesame oil with chile in it. It was all they had at the Frills, but it gave the slaw a fiesty little kick, and we loved it)

Half a teaspoon or so of soy sauce (I use Bragg – unfermented, left over from my cleansing days)

Mix the mayo, mirin, sesame oil and soy in the bottom of a bowl big enough to hold all the coleslaw.Throw your pre-shredded cabbage into the bowl and toss. Taste and correct for salt with more soy, if you like. Then revel in the fact that this is frigging delicious, took you all of three minutes, and is cruciferous to boot.

At this point, I divide the slaw into two bowls and toss one of them with raisins. That bowl is for me. I worship raisins and will eat them in anything. Anything! (Though they’re especially good with cabbage.) The un-raisined half is for my amour.

Let’s call him Wayne.

Wayne hates raisins in everything. Everything! He isn’t alone. There is actually a war among my closest “friends,” who divide fiercely into two camps: raisin haters and raisin avengers. One of them had the gall to sneak into the den at my last dinner party and leave me a typed message in my Underwood that read: “Fuck raisins.” She better watch her back.

But over to you: What should we eat this with? It’s really good with takeout rotisserie chicken from Eduarda’s on Dundas. What else?