Some things just don’t belong in muffins, and I am willing to chain myself to the steps of the Legislature to defend my position. Such offending items include:

blueberries (please)

cranberries (masochist!)

white flour (that’s not even old-fashioned in a good way)

citrus zest

poppy seeds (Queen Victoria, just get out of here)

The ingredients that do belong in muffins – that must be put in muffins – are so fetching that I keel leftward in my chair as I type, just thinking about them:

chocolate chips (life is short)

flax seed (holy thundering chewy)

oatmeal (put it in there!)

dates (the raisin hater hates dates also, so I never make muffins with dates. But a girl can dream. They are the chocolate chunk of the dried-fruit kingdom)



sweet potato


There’s a place in my neighbourhood that sells heavily spiced (Clove? She won’t tell me) sweet-potato cheddar muffins that knock the socks right off me.

It’s quite similar to this muff:

I’m home with a baby with stomach flu today, so there has been no lunch; supper will be breakfast courtesy of Wayne; and there was definitely no muffin-testing going on around here. Ball’s in your court. Try the sweet-potato muffs above, or let us know what your favourite muffin recipe is. (Will you cleave to the list of sanctioned ingredients herein, or will you defile yourself in rebellion? I can’t wait to see.). I’ll share one of my own all-time favourites as soon as the Pedialyte takes hold.