Wayne and I started a hilarious workout routine yesterday that we plan to do in our living room for the next 90 days. We bought our darling little dumbbells at Canadian Tire and did our first session after the baby went to bed (8:20) – which means we wound up eating supper at 10 p.m. Unacceptable.

Tonight, we made the same mistake; so, heaped on top of hunger was irritation over our numbskull planning. Supper, therefore, had to be easy enough for idjits and fast as anything. And that means one thing in our house: breakfast burrito.

I washed last night’s dishes and made a quick salad (arugula with walnuts and a simple lemon vinaigrette. Yes, this means we mixed our international metaphors, but whatever. I got my greens, didn’t I?). Meanwhile, Wayne whirred white and purple onion in my beloved new Cuisinart Smart Stick – a perfect Christmas gift, from Wayne’s mum, Gene:

Look what a nice job it does, in seconds. It’s one vicious little blade.

Then he sauteed them and added the eggs. Salt and pepper. They were done in minutes. He draped the tortillas over top of the eggs in the pan to warm the flatbread from the steam and make it easier to wrap. Nice touch!

On our plates, we each put down a tortilla and piled onto it the eggs, red salsa, sliced avocado, refried beans and a little lettuce. (No cheese, sigñors! Didn’t even miss it.) Salad on the side, and done.

Fast, delicious, healthy.

I was so demented from the hunger and ate everything on my plate so quickly that I never even thought to take a picture. ¡Miércoles!

In any case, demented from hunger is the status quo around here. You’ll be hearing more on breakfast for dinner from me.