My god – are you stewing fruit these days? Highly recommended.

Look what stewing does to fruit and a pot and water and cinnamon:

The last time I made this, it was so damn sweet that Wayne asked how much sugar I put in it. The answer is none!

I just chop up my apples (pears too, if I have them – I leave the skins on everything) and throw them into my beloved All-Clad pot with an inch or so of water. I add a shocking amount of cinnamon, turn the heat on low, and walk away. You sit the lid on it, or not. You can add dried fruit, like apricots and raisins (handfuls and handfuls of raisins), or not.

Just be sure to stir it with a wooden spoon from time to time so that the mixture cooks evenly, and add more water if anything looks like it’s sticking. The longer you ignore it, the sweeter and gooier and more desserty it becomes.

I like it as is, for breakfast. Or on plain yogourt. Or in a bowl with yogourt and granola. We piled it on frozen yogourt all summer long. It’s really addictive and a great way to use up the surplus tree fruit in your tree-fruit bowl.

It makes the house smell like Carolyn Ingall’s (I bet Pa loved her stewed fruit). It’s greener to make than baked apples, for which you have to turn on the whole bloody oven. And it’s actually cleanse-worthy. And good for children. Maybe even babies. Stewed fruit, you’re going straight to heaven.