This isn’t a meal suggestion (necessarily); it isn’t something I made. It isn’t even something I have a recipe for. But it was so intriguing, I had to post.

Look what I ate in the name of research today:

It was a black-bean brownie. You read that right. Black beans were in there! No sugar (agave), and no flour (on account of all the beans). I don’t even know if it had any cocoa in it.

It came from the amazing South American coffee shop where I get the sweet-potato cheddar muffins I wrote about a few days back.

Wayne knew from the first bite that something was up. He smiled sagaciously and said, “Did you walk to the raw-food place?” Nope; but that hints at what a black-bean brownie feels like in the mouth. He knew it wasn’t butter and flour and chocolate before he even swallowed. Still, you can tell by the state of demolition left behind on the wrapper that it was really good – kind of cheesecakey in texture, because it was thick and smooth and not too sweet; and it had umami depth, the way real chocolate things do. Halting the predatory instincts it sparked in us long enough to take its picture was utterly impossible until the brownie was gone.

But how did it work? Does anyone have a tried-and-tested recipe for such a thing? I want to reproduce this subterfuge!