If you’ve been wondering what’s for supper for the past three months, join the club. When I went back to work in October, I fell off the train and landed in a hole full of chocolate chips, bottomless toast, and frozen pizza.

Now I’m freshly back from Christmas in Newfoundland, where the majority of my non-meat intake was composed of white mashed potato, fried fish

Gene’s off-the-charts molasses bread,

Cool Whip,  All Sorts, and toutons, little pieces of pan-fried bread dough. White flour, chewy on the outside, covered in maple syrup. Out of control:

Naturally, the scales are tipping, and here we are, entering the year of the lithesome rabbit. And so I propose a challenge – a 30-day challenge: a meal salad a day for 30 days. And we start…well, not tonight. It’s Wayne’s birthday and we’re going out for Chinese, the most salad-less cuisine I can think of.

But no – positive attitude. Let’s do start today. Let’s make a big jar of salad dressing right now. (I offer up the satisfyingly large-yield and perfect-every-time Cobb dressing I’ve written about before.) Lunch or dinner can be a standard bowl of leaf lettuce with tuna, olives and onions. Then we’ll meet back here Sunday morning and a make a plan for the week. Who’s with me?