I’m a nice Italian girl with a Kikuichi knife and an opinion or two, plus one fat, happy baby – lots of time to cook while I spend the year at home with him – two cats, and a husband from wild western Newfoundland.

I’ve been eating delicious meals my whole life long, courtesy mostly of my mother, who is a serious cook of New World Italian. I learned from her (and my father, who moonlights very occasionally in the kitchen to spectacular effect) that a good hand with salt and pepper can make almost any chopped thing really delicious.

I admire the blazing superiority of Marcella Hazan, the karma yoga you can lose yourself in at the cutting board, the audacity of my husband, who makes things incredible without any recipe at all, bread that tastes like birdseed, raisins in everything, bi-yearly cleansing and as much prosecco as possible in between the cleanses.

I am never full!